I believe that studying any subject without being interested in it does not work well.

Great results come from great enthusiasm

Many students study Math only because it is a mandatory subject in school and often ask me “Why do i need it?”

Now, I want to answer as comprehensively as possible.

Also I want to help students with a negative attitude to find more interest in this “boring”(only at the first sight) subject.

First of all, there are economical and practical reasons. It is well known fact that High school graduates with advanced Math qualification have higher test scores, attain a higher education and earn a higher income than others*. Also students need to finish high school, get accepted into University, to work in science, financial, IT fields, to know how this world is structured in some parts.

However, I would like to talk about some deeper and hidden aspects of Mathematics and its effect on personality.

I believe that Mathematics not only develops the logical thinking but also and most importantly it trains your mind and soul to make you able:

to concentrate deeply and stay focused for a long period of time.
Proof: otherwise you can not solve hard mathematical problem
to face the truth
Proof: in Mathematics you cannot simply lie to yourself and say “I solved this question correctly!” when you did not. Math is objective.
to be less materialistic
Proof: Mathematics is about abstract thinking and using the imagination.
to see hidden patterns if they exist.
Proof: Mathematics is about deduction from things you know to things you can find out but do not know yet.

NOW: Do you agree that these abilities are the keys to success in any occupation and even in having a happy and healthy life? If you don’t — e-mail me.

Here is a quotation from the article on sociological research by Juanna Schrøter Joensen and Helena Skyt Nielsen, University of Aarhus:**

“...the Math premium indicates that more valuable skills are acquired during Math courses than during other coursework. Skills like clarity in expressions, logical reasoning and inference are acquired and added to the stock of human capital and subsequently make the advanced Math students more productive.”

These hidden things, by my firm belief, are the keys to the lifestyle, true nature, right choices, development… of every person in the world.


  • * Ackerman, D. (2000), Do the Math: high school Mathematics Classes and Lifetime Earnings of Men. Manuscript. U of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • ** “Is there a Causal Effect of High School Math on Labor Market Outcomes?” by Juanna Schrøter Joensen and Helena Skyt Nielsen University of Aarhus and IZA Bonn
  • Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.

    Chinese Proverb
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  • Penelope Wild +

    I would like to thank-you for the hard work you have put into getting Ethan’s marks where they need to be in Calculus. His most recent test was 93% due in large part to your dedication and acumen as a teacher.

    Penelope Wild
  • Zack Sira +

    I just wanted to let you know that I had my mid - term for the second part of calculus and I got 70% on it :)!

    Also on my weekly quizzes I've been getting btw 17 and 20 out of 20 (nothing less than 17) which is nothing less than 85%!

    The final is coming up on April 30th and I KNOW I'm going to do well.

    I would like to also thank for all of your help over the years with the various math courses I've been taking and for being there to help me the "night before the exam" on various occasions.

    UofT Student
    Zack Sira
  • Mrs. Foote +

    I would like to thank Jasmine for tutoring my son Chad. He learned a lot during her lessons - subtractions, additions, times table. He improved his marks in Math. And he liked her.

    Chad's mother,
    Mrs. Foote
  • Christine P. +

    Thank you for helping me with my math homework and reviewing my tests. my grades improved from around 70s to an 80s and my teacher was quite impressed. You're a kind, patient and smart teacher and hopefully you can help me with my math next year. thank you!

    Christine P.
  • Eric Smith +

    I finished my studies and have my BSBA. Without you this would have never been possible, I thank you for the help you provided me with my math.

    Eric Smith
  • Allison Parker +

    I want to thank you so much for your help in tutoring me in grade 11 and 12 math. I had tried other tutors (including Sylvan) and found that you were the one who helped me to build my confidence and improve my understanding of University and College level Math and Calculus. Thanks so much for helping me prepare for my future.

    Allison Parker
  • Jessika +

    Yasmina is an amazing tutor. She helped me successfully complete a math course I had previously struggled with. With Yasminas help, I finished the course with ease, understanding all there was to know about what I was learning in math class. If you have a history of having difficulty with math, Yasmina is the one for you. She is a skilled mathematician and a patient teacher, a combination that enables the perfect atmosphere in which students are able to learn all they need to know about math.

  • Peter & Shirley Carty +

    Thanks to you, Angela completed her math semester with the highest marks in the class. with appreciation,

    Peter & Shirley Carty
  • Sreemoyee Chakraborty +

    I came to Yasmina because I needed to do harder problems and develop my analytical thinking. Though I am generally good at math, I needed someone who would encourage and challenge me. Yasmina is amazing in that regard. She always explains everything to me patiently and always gives me harder questions to do. It is almost four months into the semester and thanks to her, my math mark is a high 90!

    Sreemoyee Chakraborty
  • Ammara +

    I was having a lot of trouble understanding math. So much that i failed my first midterm. After getting tutoring from my math tutor Ms. Yasmina, i got 84% in second midterm exam. Thats a big difference!

    First Year Ryerson University Student
  • Bernadette Nepp +

    Sophie got 97% on her first test in Calculus.

    It seems that your hard work paid off!!

    thanks!! :-)

    Apparently she works hard at the university !!

    thanks again

    I hope that you are doing well,

    Bernadette Nepp
  • Kyle F. +

    During my two years in IB, I continued to struggle with the rigorous math curriculum. The pace and intensity of work was over whelming and I did not think that I would pass the course. This was until I found the tutoring services of Yasmina. It was her dedication and knowledge of my specific needs in Grade 12 (IB) math that performed a miracle of increasing my marks from 50% to 80%. Thank you Yasmina for all that you have and continue to do for me.

    Kyle F.
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