Common Queries and Questions

  • How long is your lesson? +

    My lessons are one hour long but I always can find extra time to let a student finish the task.
  • Do you travel to student’s home? +

    No, I teach at my location at 59 McNab Blvd.
  • Does my son/daughter need one-on-one lesson or a group lesson? +

    If a student having B for Math at school then he/she needs just a little guidance to improve. In this case I would recommend a group class. If a student is failing or struggling significantly because of a lack of prerequisite knowledge the they need at least one hour of intensive support and should attend an individual lesson.
  • What is the size of your group class? +

    I do not teach more than two students per class. These two students are not necessarily of the same age or grade. Every student works on their own task. I teach one of them while the other is practicing what he/she just learned. During one hour I make sure that I covered all the material and answered all the questions both students came with.
  • How do you teach? +

    At first I help a student understand the core logical structure of the concepts and methods they had trouble understanding. Then I assign practice questions with an increasing level of difficulty.
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