Logic Land. Level 3. Grade 3 and up “Logic Land, or into Math with imagination” is a collection of 38 non-standard mathematical problems.. Product #: LOGICLAND Regular price: $14.95 $14.95 In Stock

Logic Land. Level 3. Grade 3 and up

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ISBN 978-1-926776-03-3

Paperback, 43 pages, 21 x 29 x 0.5 cm. High quality coloured print on glossy paper.

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“Logic Land, or into Math with imagination” is a collection of 38 non-standard mathematical problems that are embedded in stories and illustrated. This book is about a fantastic town of magicians that do not use magic in everyday life. Instead they choose to use logic to find solutions to their everyday problems.

Through solving the problems that are embedded in a story a student will learn how to distinguish the important information from unimportant one. Although the questions require only multiplication, division, subtraction, addition every problem is different and needs a new approach.

At the end of the book, there is a section containing hints, which guide the reader to the correct way of looking at a problem. It is likely that a child will be able to find the solution after reading a hint. Using this approach to solving word problems will make children feel proud and confident, as well as ignite a desire in them to try more problems. This book is translated and published in China in 2014.

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  • Logic Land teaches how to solve non-standard arithmetic questions by applying different thinking methods.

    You can check if you know how to solve them:


    1. On Saturday and Sunday the lizard Limy ate 18 insects. On Sunday she went to a lizard party and ate twice as many insects as on Saturday. How many insects did Limy eat on each of the days?
    2. Very hungry Limy ate 36 insects in the next three days – on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Monday, the lizard ate two times less than on Tuesday and three times less than on Wednesday. How many insects vanished in Limy's stomach on each of these days?
    3. Once, insatiable as ever, Limy caught 22 insects, 4 TIMES more flies than caterpillars, and 4 more grasshoppers than flies. How many insects of each kind did the lizard eat?
    4. Can you figure out how many fish each fishermen caught if you hear the following conversation: "Give me 3 fish and we will have the same number of fish", asked one of them. "No, you give me 3 and I will have twice as many fish than you", answered the other.

    6. There is a Magical Bridge that doubles the money you have in your pocket when you cross it, but every time you cross the bridge you lose 20 cents. Richard crossed the bridge 3 times and found one dollar in his pocket. How much money did he have before crossing the bridge the first time?
    7. The cat Flake caught a total of 120 mice in 4 days. Flake improved his skills every day. The next day he caught the same number of mice as he did in the past four days combined. Assume that every day Flake caught as many mice as on all previous days combined. How many mice did Flake catch on each of these five days? THINK ABOUT DIVISIONS with AND without a REMAINDER.
    8. How many eggs are in the basket if you know that when grouped by 5s, then three eggs always remain. But if you put the eggs in groups of 7 no eggs are left over. It is also known that there is less than 30 eggs in the basket.

    10. Last weekend Deanna, Carol, and Jenny drank many cups of tea. Deanna and Carol had ten cups, Carol and Jenny nine, while Jenny and Deanna had eleven. How many cups did each sister have ?

    12. Four hens lay 4 eggs in 4 days. How many eggs will 8 hens lay in 8 days?
    13. TRY and CHECK.

    14. There are three-headed and five-headed dragons. If the total number of heads is 16, how many dragons of each kind are there?

    If you do not know how to solve these problems read my book "LOGIC LAND". I guarantee, you'll learn!