I firmly believe that 95% of students have the ability to pass High School Math courses.

Students fail in high school because of a lack of prerequisite knowledge and help.

For some students 1 hour per week is enough to close gaps in knowledge and easily get 65-75% even if they have failed Math before.

If you come to my classes I will test your knowledge and tell you how many classes you need in order to pass or improve. Moreover, after a few classes I can tell you what term mark you will get if you keep working hard.

As a mathematician I know that a deep understanding of the logical structure of the math course plays a key role in success.

I always work on developing the student’s understanding of the course and not memorizing rules, or “tricks”, for mindless repetition. Memorizing without understanding simply does not work in high school. It is essential to develop logical and analytical thinking, especially for students interested in majoring in computer science, engineering or finance.

I teach how to apply concepts and ideas to a problem.

Bridging gaps in knowledge is of fundamental importance in creating a stable base for further progress, because in Math everything is linked together.

During my lessons, I not only help with current assignments but also strive to eliminate deficiencies in my student’s knowledge.

Also, there is another group of students who have strong and comprehensive knowledge but still have problems in Math because of a lack of confidence, or difficulties in creatively applying knowledge to the current problem. For these students, I always try to encourage them to think for themselves by giving a hint as small as possible and offering different Math problems.

I run these Math classes because I truly enjoy helping people and seeing their happy faces when they finally get the "As" they have always wanted.

The most rewarding part of my job is when a student who initially thought that Math is too hard to overcome suddenly realizes that they can pass and, moreover, get 80-90%. This leads to a newfound confidence and the belief that they can choose any profession and attend any University or College.

In addition, I can say that my friendly and easygoing nature creates a light atmosphere during the lessons, which makes it easy for students to overcome their difficulties.

To summarize, these are my teaching strategies:

  •  Explaining the logical structure of the concepts and topics
  •  Eliminating gaps in prerequisite knowledge
  •  Assigning homework, practice tests, quizzes with a diversity of questions to ensure that understanding is complete before the next class.
  •  Increasing the level of challenge to develop thinking abilities

Come and see for yourself!

  • The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

    Sydney J. Harrisem
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Let me introduce myself

  • My name is Yasmina.

    Yasmina Roberts Daydreaming (self-portrait)

    I was born in a country where Mathematics and Science are major subjects in school. Next to my home was the building of the Extended Math and Science High School for Gifted Students. I still remember my happiness when I passed the admission exam and found my name in the list of the accepted students. My discovery that Mathematics sharpens the brain and requires a great imagination had started.

    At this school I met my extraordinary Math teacher who not only developed our mathematical minds and demonstrated the beauty of Math, but also most importantly, instilled our spirit with the courage and passion to think and concentrate deeply on everything we do.

    I like to think that I have taken his ideas of teaching in my practice as a math teacher.

    After graduating with honours from University in my country I worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of Applied Mathematics and as a Math teacher at a gifted kids school. I always liked teaching, and the opportunity to help others overcome difficulties in studying was my greatest joy.

    Here in Canada, I studied at the University of Toronto, and have a Masters' degree in Mathematics (November 2006) and Bachelor of Education (June 2012). I've worked at a variety of private schools and tutoring services since 2002. Therefore, I am very familiar with new and old curriculums.

    My easygoing and open nature always allows me to establish good relationship with all of my students, which I consider very important.

    Together we always achieve better results in grades.