Solving right angled triangles

Practice solving right angled triangles using prime trigonometric ratios SIN, COS, TAN.

Learn how to find missing sides and angles by reading our solution.

Use the sliders to change the given triangle and try to solve yourself.

Linear Systems

Practice solving a system of linear equations by substitution and/or elimination.Do not forget that the common solution is a point of intersection of 2 lines.

Solve triangle using SINE and COSINE laws

Practice Sine and Cosine Laws with these tutorials.

Find the missing information by using Sine and Cosine Laws.

Use the sliders to change the lengths and the angle of the triangle and solve it again until you learn. Use the checkbox “Solution” to learn how to solve the question or to check your work.

Transformations on Quadratic Functions. Vertex Form.

Explore transformations on Quadratic functions.

Analytic Geometry

Learn how to find the orthocenter, centroid and circumcenter. Drag vertices of triangles to generate a new question. Use checkbox to view/hide the answer.

Grade 10 Tutorials